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Blue Stockings- Lighting Designer

Director: Susan Felder

Assistant Lighting Designers:

Kate Ingram

Claire Michels

Patricia Corbett Theater

Photos from Mark Lyons and Aiden Bezark

Student Choreographer Showcase-

Lighting Designer

Director: Shauna Steele

Assocaite Lighting Designers:

William Meckstroth

Bella Pfeiffer

Cohen Family Studio Theater

Photos from Will Brenner

La Voix Humaine- Lighting Designer/Programmer

Director: Joshua Cook

Cohen Family Studio Theater

Photos from Mia Perrotta

Wings- Lighting/Projection Designer

Director: Leah Berry

Assistant Lighting Designer: Aiden Bezark

Content Creator: Vishal Sharma

Cohen Family Studio Theater

Photos from Aiden Bezark

Spring Dance Concert- Assoc. Lighting Designer

Choreography restaged by: Tricia Adams

Lighting Designer: Alex Mason

Assoc. Lighting Designer: Aiden Bezark

Corbett Auditorium



Design two pieces (Pas De Quatre & Solo)

Magic sheet creation

Photos from Aiden Bezark

42nd Street- Assistant Lighting Designer 2

Director: Diane Lala

Lighting Designer: Jeremy Mayo

Assistant Lighting Designer 1: Kelly Howland

Corbett Auditorium



Spot paperwork creation and tracking

Managed focus calls

Work note tracking

Scenic plate draftings

Magic sheet creation

Photos from Mark Lyons


Example Spot Paperwork


Example Magic Sheet

Godspell- Spot Op/Electrician

Director: Katie Johannigman

Lighting Designer: Frank Viskup

Assistant Lighting Designer: Bransen Black

Cohen Family Studio Theater



Hang, Circuit, and Focus light plot

Operate followspot during production

Photos from Kaelin Hagler

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