BOOM 2022- Evolution of Video Games

Creative Director

As creative director for this project, I was in charge of coming up with the concept of our piece and integrating lighting, audio, video, and automation into one seamless 10-minute experience. I've also added some of the storyboard from the project which I created for our initial presentation of our concept.

Lighting Programmed on MA2

Visuals Programmed in Disguise


Kilby Girl- The Backstreet Lovers

Programmed on EOS Nomad

Previz in Vision 2022

Don't Throw Out My Legos- AJR

Programmed on GrandMA2

Previz in MA3D

Performed in Crossroads Uptown Cincinnati, OH

This December- Ricky Montgomery

Programmed on GrandMA2

Previz in MA3D

Mission Briliancy- Lighting 1 Final

Designed by: Myself and Tayler Durantini

Programmed by: Tayler Durantini

One Wrong Turn- Alec Benjamin

Programmed on MA2 Full

Previz in Carbon in UE4