Lighting Photos/Paperwork

These are shows where I worked on some aspect of the lighting design for that production. Included is some assistant paperwork for 42nd Street.

Magic Sheet From 42nd Street

Thanks for taking a look at my website! My name is Will Baker, I am originally from Frisco, TX but now find myself pursuing a BFA in Lighting Design in Technology from CCM. Throughout high school, I participated in several productions serving as the lighting designer and a lighting technician. Since coming to CCM, I have served on scenic build crews, as a spotlight operator, a board op/programmer and as an assistant lighting designer on our fall mainstage musical. This last summer I served as a Lighting Fellow at Rock the House. Rock the House is a production company based in Cleveland, while there I served as a lighting designer for a number of productions and learned the basics of warehouse work in the entertainment industry. I am excited to continue to learn and grow in my skills as an electrician and lighting designer.

Spot Paperwork From 42nd Street

Magic Sheet From 42nd Street

Lighting I Final Project

Design by: Myself and Tayler Durantini