Rock the House Summer 2019 Fellowship

The summer of 2019 I worked as a lighting fellow for Rock the House, a production company based out of Cleveland, OH. I worked as a fellow for 12 weeks of the summer and in that time I worked on over 25 productions. I served as the lighting designer for some of those events, a video operator for other, audio technicians for others and load in/load out crew for some. Some of the notable events that I worked on were Edgewater Live, a concert series that took place on Edgewater Beach in Cleveland, OH. For this event series, we supplied the staging with our Apex Mobile Stage, as well as the audio, lighting and sometimes visual. I also worked in Forward Day+Nightclub for a weekend busking through the openers on a preset rig. Most of the summer I was using Onyx and related consoles. For forward I was using an MA2 wing with a laptop that had MA2 software.